My name is Bobbi and I am an illustrator and designer.

I’m bad at writing bios. I know I should use this space to promote myself and try to be interesting. The truth is, I don’t think that I’m exceptionally interesting. The only exceptional thing about me is the vet bill I seem to be always paying. 

Yes, I’m a cat lady and a very proud one. I’m a rescuer, hence the vet bills.  Right now I live with six indoor cats, one dog, and twelve outdoor cats. That number is ever-changing, though.

And Yes, Cat Cottage is a real place, it really exists and it’s where I live. It’s a very old country cottage lost in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by green fields, cows, and chickens. All animals are safe here, it’s a peaceful place.  

I was born and raised downtown Milan, but I always knew I wasn’t going to live there forever. My dream as a child was to own a mini-farm by the lake or the sea, rescue animals, and make a living working from home as an illustrator. Cat Cottage isn’t exactly by the lake, but Lake Garda it’s only 20 minutes away. 

After working years and years like a slave as a designer for big companies and after closing down my own shop that I had for four years, which almost killed me, I decided to send everything to hell and follow my crazy dream of drawing from home as an independent illustrator. 

I’ll never go back to be an employee, that’s for sure.

I love books. I am always wearing old shoes and my t-shirts are usually full of mended holes because I hate to shop. When I say I go shopping, it means I am going to the bookstore or to the music store. If I am awake, there is some music playing. Who am I kidding, I play music to fall asleep too. Yes, music is my obsession.

I love movies, with a soft spot for classics, historical, and costume films. I love history.  Everything that is related to the past fascinates me. I hate to go shopping because there are no long dresses with corsets in stores nowadays. Today’s fashion is boring. The funny part in all this is that I have a fashion diploma.

I’m curly and I cut my own hair. I pull my hair into a high ponytail, then I slide the elastic band to the point I want to cut and I cut it. I do it with attention, love, and care, not as a depressed teenager who self-punishes herself. I chose to be my own hairdresser because there is apparently no living hairstylist that doesn’t want to make me look like Jon Bon Jovi in the eighties.

I’m single. I still have to find a guy who likes someone who cuts her own hair or wears a t-shirt with holes. Or maybe I can’t find such a guy because I have never searched for him. And maybe I have never searched for him because I know I’d never find him since my standards are pretty high. Take Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth), add a good dose of Paul Newman, some Michael Fassbender here and there, mix it all and, ta-da, you have my perfect man. Yes, I know, I’ll die a spinster. And a happy one. 

Welcome to Cat Cottage!

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