All the cats. How this illustration helped a sick cat.

You may remeber this illustration.

This is basically the evolution of this other illustration, which is the one with which I got back to drawing. It’s a long story but I haven’t drawn, if not interiors or clothing, for years. I totally forgot what it meant to draw funny things. One day I bought a set of very cheap colored pencils and began playing around with shapes. And a line of cats came out!

Now, whenever I feel uninspired, that’s what I do. I just take out my colors – now I use very expensive ones – and I begin to draw a line of cats.

In the end, something that i want to draw better always comes out, and this is totally the case with the ‘cats cats cats’ illustration. It was just a line of very roughly sketched kitties, but I saw something I liked and I redrew it.

But we have another version of that now, that I made wqith Photoshop and my Wacom tablet.

I’m very active on Twitter, being the only social I really like. I have two accounts, one in English and mainly about my shop and cats, and another one mostly in Italian where I tweet about everything else. Because despite common beliefs, my life isn’t only about cats and illustrations.

I met some lovely fellows vegans and cat lovers on Twitter. A lot of cat ladies too. One of these cat ladies is taking care of a cat colony completely by herself and needed some help with the vet bills of a very sick cat. Another mutual organized a lottery with prizes to help her, and I decided to contribute with an illustration.

Not having enough time to make a new one, I decided to modify an existing one. I have a lot of mental blockages about using photoshop to make more illustrations out on one, but this time it was for a good cause, so I dived in.

In the end, I loved the result so much that I have decided to put it on the shop as well!!

all the cats

It’s not only on this tee, but on a lot of other items as well.

The lottery is closed and the prizes were assigned. A friend won a mug and another person won a pillow with the ‘all the cats’. I hope they will appreciate it! What’s better, the sick cat seems to be getting slightly better, even if the end of the tunnel is still far. And that’s all that matters.

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