New look, new beginnings

Hey, yes you’re on the right website. I know, it looks different! Let me explaine what happen.

new look

A few things have changed lately. Since the pandemic began my so-called ‘day jobs’ have been subsequently diminishing to the point of being completely canceled.

WTF, you may say and I probably should say it too.

Instead, the day I got the phone announcing that the last of the job standing was being canceled, I went to bed and I slept like a baby for 12 hours straight. This NEVER happens. I always wake up to go to the bathroom, or because I’m thirsty, or because the cats make noises. But that night I slept like never before.

I woke up feeling great but also expecting some kind of nervous break down at any moment. You see, I NEEDED those jobs. Right now I have a total of eighteen cats (during the lockdown a very pregnant mommy ‘magically’ appeared in my garden), who very soon will need to be spayed and neutered and, most of all, need to be fed. I still have to pay the rent and the bills seem to fly in at every breath I take.


My adult and very responsible side kept on repeating this, but my consciousness was clearly telling me something different.

That nervous break down caused by the fear of not having enough work to get by has never come.

There is nothing I can do about the lack of work. I live in northern Italy and the situation here has been terrible. I cannot count how many people I know that have been sick, how many people I know that have lost dear ones. I suffer from severe chronic asthma, I have a history of pneumonia, I’m under constant medication and my doctor was clear: If I get it I have little chances of getting through it and in case I would my condition would worsen. I’m lucky I’m alive and healthy.

I always wanted to work from home and only from home but with all the things I have to pay for and all the responsibilties I have this has never been fully possible.

Instead, right now, it’s the only possible thing. It’s the only thing I always wanted and it’s the only thing I can do now.

That nervous break down never came because it’s useless. And because I have been lifted from all my responsibilities, for once in my life, in change of the chance of doing what I always dream of. FREE OF CHARGES GIVEN BY MY SENSE OF GUILT!

To mark this new beginning I decided to give this website a new look. I’m not fully satisfied yet, but I like it better than the old one. For now. You know me, I love to change.

So for now, here’s to a new chapter!

Stay safe everyone, wear a mask!

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Dear 2020: a list of sites to donate to make the world a better place.

Dear 2020, this logo sums up exactly how I feel about you.

I had high expectations for you. I really thought you were going to be special. Such a round, good looking number had to bring the good stuff. Instead, you set fire to Australia, killing millions of animals. Then you brought a Pandemic that hit the place where I live so hard, with so many lives lost. On the other side of the ocean, black people have been killed and started rebelling. Politically we still have Trump, Putin, Erdogan, and that fat, stupid Korean. Last but not least right now Siberia is as hot as central Africa. but we still ignore climate change.

Dear 2020, you do not look good, let me tell you.

But according to this twitter account, you still have time to redeem yourself.

We are not even at the half of this year. There are more than six months ahead of us. Six months can go very fast, but it’s also a lot of time. Lots of things can be created in six months. My friend Laura was born at six months, for example, premature but with no big problems. A couple of months in an incubator and she was home, strong, and healthy. If human life can be literally created in six months, imagine what we can do with the situations around us.

I don’t have big plans, I just want to enjoy life, starting from this season. It’s summer, at least in this part of the hemisphere, and it’s the right season to heal. To heal everything. Set the intention to be happy, there is too much shit going on, and only by being happy we can change things and spread a little bit of light.

During the pandemic here in Italy we kept repeating ‘ Andrà tutto bene’, all will be well. I like to say all IS well, though. The present tense works better for me. I can’t change the future, I adon’t have a time machine and I am no Marty McFly. The only way to change the future is by changing the present moment.

The present moment is bad, I know. People have lost loved ones, jobs, or are fighting for their rights. There are still too many stupid wars around the world. Still too many religious fights, too much poverty, too much distruction.

But all is well. We must believe we can change all of this.

Below is a list of sites where you can donate a few Euros, Dollars, or whatever your currency is, to help people who are actively trying to make our world a better place.

Black Lives Matter. If you don’t want to donate but still like help you could buy their shirts. You won’t only give money, you will also spread the word while wearing the tee. Here is a page with a great list of donations sites for the Black Lives Matter cause.

Nobody is talking about the Australian Bushfires anymore. It feels like something that happened years ago, I know. But the aftermath of those catastrophic fires is still here. We’ve lost millions of animals and the survivors still need care and rehabilitation. You can help animals with a donation here, here, and here. These are just three organizations, but there are many more. Australia is huge and has hundreds of non-profits that you can help.

And now let’s talk about the state of the planet for a second. The earth is burning up. Ice is melting and the ocean is full of plastics. We literally eat plasitc. Not to mention what we breathe. It’s a slow but of sure success, suicide. We are killing ourselves, our animals, our oceans, our forests. You can acively do your share by avoiding plastic as much as possible, consuming water as little as possible and buying consciously. And then, if you have a few bucks to share you can donate to one or all of these organizations:

Coalition for Rainfoest Nation

Clean Air Task Force

The Climate Emergency Fund

Again these are just three organizations that are working to save the planet, but there are many more. You can choose the one you know already, but please, donate. These charities need funds, and it’s urgent. We can fight a virus, we can fight for our rights, but with no planet to live on all fights are useless.

Dear 2020, I’m helping you doing better. We will all.

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