Summer of 2020, you are here, finally!

Last year’s summer was strange. Summer of 2020, with Italy having been so affected by Covid 19 is not going to be an easy one. But summer is my favorite season and I declare that I’ve had enough tasteless summers to have yet another one. I’ve set the intention for this season to be absolutely magnificent, no matter what. I don’t want to waste a minute of it. It already feels so short, too short for me.


I’ve been very busy lately, but things are easing up now. I believe I’ll have time to do some catch up on the things I had to leave behind. Like reading, for example. I’m currently on this book by Italian writer Costanza Rizzocasa d’Orsogna, and I am loving it even if it’s painful. It’s about a girl and her struggle with weight, and the family mechanism that led her to have an unhealthy relationship with food and herself. I never had an eating disorder but I know how it feels not being accepted by your parents for how you look/are. I’m reading it very slowly because I need to let feelings sink before turning the page. If it does this to me, I cannot believe how the author must have felt while writing it, since it’s autobiographical.

I also still plan to draw a lot all summer. I’ll probably draw in the evening after my walk with Amelia. During the day I plan to do a lot of gardening, read, and swim in the pool I intend to buy. I’ve had one of those over the ground pools for as long as I’ve been here, but two years ago, at the end of summer, I had to throw it away. It was full of holes and beyond repair. I’m so lucky to live here, in a place that feels like a vacation, so peaceful, green, and breezy. I’m so lucky to have a large garden where I can build a pretty pool area. I cannot wait!

Because of Covid 19 and the lockdown we had to go through, pools are hard to find and very expensive. The factories weren’t able to produce them and to restock shops. But I want to be positive, I know I’ll find one at a fair price. I decided this is going to be a great summer, after all! It can’t be a great summer without a pool, end of discussion.

I don’t need to tell you how many times I’ll go to the lake if it will be possible. Last year I didn’t go to the lake at all, which felt like homicide. No pool, no lake, I totally killed my summer. This year I am going to live it twice. I’m going to resuscitate last year’s and live it together with this year’s summer. I want to make the best of this time. I know I’ve said it already, but repeating is good when you set an intention. So I’ll say it again: the summer of 2020 will be the absolute best summer of my life. I’m ready for great things to happen. Do I sound too enthusiastic? Oh, well.

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Work from home.

I have finally had the time to work a little bit in my shop. Still far, far away from how I’d love it to look, but I refuse to spend my time coding. I love coding but there are too many things I want to do, and I only have 24 hours as everyone else. So I have to be a little bit strict with my expectations. Right now whatever looks pretty good is fine with me and, as always, DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.

I love, love, love to work from home. I still don’t have a studio of my own, the house is small and my ex-home studio is now my mom’s bedroom. There’s a tiny workspace in my room, where I have my desk, my computer, and all my art supplies on a nearby shelf. It works for me, for now.

I’m decorating this little space as I can with what I already have. I need to be in pretty surroundings, no matter how temporary they might be. Temporary sometimes can mean a few years, so you better make it look pretty. And not much is needed to make a place look nice. Sometimes just moving around stuff makes the whole thing look new! But there are a few things that I absolutely need to buy.

One thing is a new notebook: I’m not big at planning or organizing but I do love – LOVE – to write down lists and ideas to clear my mind. I recycle and reuse pretty much everything but I’m a bit picky when it comes to where I write. It has to be new and it has to be pretty.

Animals are my friends

The other thing I am going to get is a mousepad. I currently don’t have one since little Sebastiano chewed my last. My mouse lays on every smooth surface I can find. A piece of paper, the back of a book…whatever works, I’m using it. But a mousepad is going to work better, I suppose…Now that Sebastiano has stopped chewing things.

Naturally, all the stuff I’m going to get will be from my shop. I added a new category of office, tech, and stationery with a few nice things that could help you- and me – to work from home. Being surrounded by fun stuff improves the mood, especially if you don’t like to be alone (not my case) but you have to, given this situation. Go and see.

I am currently redrawing a few pieces that I made a long time ago. The original one of this series of cats specifically, was nothing more than an experiment. My style has changed a lot since then, but I loved how those kitties looked even if they weren’t good enough to be put online. So I decided to give them a second life and redraw them. I’m having a lot of fun.

Also, it was Susanna’s birthday at the beginning of this month. Eighteen years!! She’s 18, officially a really old cat, but she still looks like a kitten, still has ALL her teeth (and she’s not afraid to use them), she’s playful and cuddly and chatty as she has always been. She can still jump from my desk to the top of my closet (285 cm) from where she loves to fly to my bed, causing me a heart attack every time. Her nickname is ‘The Flying Squirrel’ for a reason. She’s super tiny, never weighed more than 2.200 kg, she has a big fluffy tail, and she can literally fly. I love her to bits.

This is her, two weeks ago.

And while Susanna is in terrific shape, I’m in a terrible one. I love to work from home, but it has its downsides. One is definitely that I move less. I also had many not-so-serious health problems lately, which have kept me from exercising or doing yoga, and now…it’s really better for me to hit my mat and get back to my practice before I become as stiff as a stick of old wood.

Because of my asthma and all the issues that it has given me, I have to be very careful with exercising. I have been waiting for the moment in which I could have got back to exercise heavily as I used to, but that moment is going to be pushed far and far away if I don’t start doing what little I can NOW. So, excuse me, but I’ll now go and unroll my mat and do some basic yoga asanas.

Again, done is better than perfect!

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