Cultivate your inner garden.

cultivate your inner garden

Cultivate your inner garden is the latest print in the shop. Let me explain where the idea comes from.

This past year and a half has been extremely hard on everyone. Now more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and erase all the negativity and the grief through self-love.

‘Cultivate your inner garden’ is a metaphor often use among people who practice meditation. It means taking care of that place deep within you, the soul, while sitting in silence and emptying the mind.

Ok, put this way it looks like self-care is for Tibetan monks only. I swear it’s not! While meditation is a great tool for our general wellbeing, a self-care practice can be whatever makes you feel good.

Is it a bubble bath? Take 30 minutes every day to have the most luxurious bath of human history. Add candles, scents, music, wine. Is it a walk in nature? Buy yourself great walking shoes and go walk every day. Smell the flowers, the wet grass, look at the sky, listen to the birds.

Whatever you do, do it being fully present to yourself and to the moment. Shut everything out for 30 mins, this is your time.

My favorite thing to do when I go through rough times is double my meditation time. If I feel like meditating for 20 minutes I’ll sit on my mat for 40 instead. And of course, I am ALWAYS in the disturbing company of at least two of my cats. They purr, they stretch, they play with my toes, and it’s a great, great exercise.

First of all, they make me smile. Which never hurts, especially in not so happy moments. Second, they force me to be even more present to myself. Third, no matter how disturbing they can be, they are soft and relaxing.

I can guarantee cats and meditation are a PERFECT combo.

This is the major inspiration behind the latest print. Self-care, cats and meditation.

I sketched it on paper and painted it with watercolors first, then I repainted it from scratch with photoshop. The result is what you see here.

This below is a video I made while painting.

The print is already available on t-shirts, mugs and the usual items. I dedicated an entire section of the store to it, you can find it on the front page: it’s called…



In case you’d like to learn how to meditate for real but do not know where to begin, DoYouYoga has great courses. No, it’s not an affiliate link, I just truly love and recommend them.

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