Halloween and a Scary Cat who’s not scary at all.

It’s been really difficult to get back to my desk and draw happy animals with all that’s happened lately. Autumn doesn’t really help my mood either. And I am not a big fan of scary stuff like Halloween. Especially not in this period of my life.

But the only way to beat darkness is by adding as much light as possible. The only way to fight sadness is by finding as many reasons to laugh as you can. And there is not really a way to fight death. But you still can laugh about it.

This is why I decided to draw a Scary Cat for Halloween. Who’s not really scary at all, by the way. I needed to mock death, and is there a better way to do it than draw a funny cat in a cemetery?

Since I haven’t touched pen and paper for more than a month, I’m super late with everything. So, I thought to draw digitally with Photoshop, this time. I have a Wacom Intuos Small which I have always used only to make small retouches while editing, and never to draw an entire painting. But it’s more than enough to make an illustration from the beginning to the end, and I have to admit, it’s also very fun.

I am not a big fan of digital. While I love to look at other artist’s digital paintings, I was never attracted by the idea of making some myself. I need to use my hands, I need to get dirty, smell the smell of the watercolors, watch the water change its shade every time I clean a brush. Also, I love that mistakes aren’t erasable just by deleting a layer or going back on the history panel.

But digital painting is really fun.

I am not completely happy with how the Halloween Scary Cat has turned out, but that’s me. I am never satisfied with the things I do. It was also my first digital painting, so I’m cutting myself some slack.

I don’t plan to leave my watercolors and my beloved Derwents Inktense, but I want to make another couple of Scary Cats for Halloween. Not having mush time ahead, drawing digitally is the best option.

In the meantime, the first Scary Cat is already up on a few things, and I have created an entire Halloween section for them. Something I have never thought I would have had in my shop, a Halloween section. Ah, the things you do to beat grief and sadness!

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