Hoodies with cat prints!

Yes, I’ve finally added hoodies with cute cat prints to the shop. It was about time. I’ve been thinking about adding them for months now, but the situation we’re all in didn’t seem appropriate.

Hoodies with cat prints
Hoodies with cat prints

I mean… we are all spending most of our time within our four walls. We’re not traveling, we’re not going to the gym, we’re not going on hikes. We are all wearing mostly sweatpants and sweaters, comfy clothes. My doubt was – Is there really the need to wear a hoodie at home? Isn’t a simple sweater more than enough?

Turns out that, no, actually. I asked my followers on Twitter through a quick poll, if adding hooded sweaters to the shop was a good idea, and the answers were almost unanimous. YES. For most people – including me, but I thought to be alone in this – a hoodie is cuddly and cozy. It feels protective.

Also, we’re not going to be locked inside forever. This pandemic will get to an end, sooner all later. Better get ready to the day in which we could finally get together again and have fun outside.

And in the meantime, we can enjoy the coziness of these hoodies with cat prints.

Made by Gildan, printed by my trusty pod, these hooded sweaters are super comfy and cozy. The pouch pocket on the front adds all the coziness possible. You can really snug in it, pull up the hood, tuck your hands in the pouch pocket, and be embraced by coziness!

We need all the possible comforts, pandemic or not. Now and forever.

Here’s to cozy hoodies! Here’s to the end of the pandemic and to hikes, getaways, and long walks with friends!!

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