I’ll defend rainbows.


Two things come to my mind when I look at this picture.

1 – Nature is really magical.

2 – I want a decent camera again.

This wonderful double rainbow happened right in front of my door a few days ago. This summer the weather has been quite rubbish. We’ve had many huge storms, floodings, typhoons, you name it, we’ve had it. Climate change is real, people, and it’s scary. This raging weather has been like the cherry on the cake of the shitstorm that 2020 has been so far.

But then this happened. Rainbows. Colors. In the sky.

A super long-lasting double rainbow. It was fully visible for a good 30 minutes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lasting rainbow in my entire life.


Beauty is thought-provoking. So I began to think of all the things that we had to go through during these past few months.

Corona Virus, Trump, Black lives Matter, ice melting, racism, and the right-wing taking more and more power all over the world, Trump, unwanted migrants, refugee camps that look like dumpsters, Trump.

It really feels like the world is collapsing. looking at the news is hard, scrolling my Twitter feed can be so depressing no matter how many cats and dogs accounts I’ve added to fight the sadness.

I’m an optimist. I’ve always been. I love to laugh at things, whatever they are. It’s my weapon to dismantle everything and overcome everything. But I have to admit, these past months it has been hard even for me.

Do you ever feel like you have a responsibility towards people and the world?

I do.

I believe that people like me, creatives with an almost unbreakable optimism, owe to fight darkness more than the rest. We owe to put more colors, more hope out there. Only light can fight darkness but if you add a bit of color to that light, it’s even better. We have to defend the good in the world and make it bigger.

I know it feels naive and as fleeting as a rainbow, but most good things are like this.

So, I’ll defend rainbows. I’m already searching for ways to spread more joy and colors and art because that’s what we all need.

My Italian teacher once called me ‘the joyful rebel’. I was 12, I was wearing a cast on my right arm and my torso, I could hardly move, my parents were fighting and hurting each other all the time and my dad treated me like shit. But my teacher said that I was rebelling to all of that through joy. If I could be a joyful rebel at 12 while having half of my body in a cast and an unbearable situation at home, I can be a joyful rebel now.

All the bad news is like a brainwash. And there isn’t much that goes against it.

I will. Like I always did. That’s what creatives have to do now more than ever, And I am not only a creative I am also hot headed and feisty. Try me.

Off to defend rainbows. Stay tuned.

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