New Cat Greeting Cards! Say it with a cat card.

I’m not someone who has the habit of writing greeting cards to people but I do love to receive them. So it’s funny that it never really crossed my mind that I should have greeting cards added to the store. I do have a shop on Tortful but that is a site that sells specifically cards, so I thought it didn’t count.

After a few requests from a number of customers, I’ve finally decided to add a card section in my store. Better late than never!

I also added two Christmeows cards, yes. Guys, I know it seems impossible, but Christmas is just five months away and five months is NOTHING. One day it’s August and you have 30 degrees, the next day you wake up and there’s a Christmas tree in your living room. Maybe it’s a bit too soon to get presents, but cards don’t get old and it’s nice to have one ready when it’s time.

Merry Christmeows Greeting Cards
Say hello, I love you, get well soon and whatever else you want to say with the  Nine Cats Greeting Cards.

I specifically chose to keep the inside of these cards completely white so that customers can personalize as much as they want. No quotes, no jokes, there are two white pages that are totally yours to use.

I find a bit sad to receive greeting cards where the quote or the phrase is the same as for everyone else. I believe that taking five seconds to write down a simple note in your own handwriting makes it more personal and does all the difference to who receives it. And if you like to have fun you can set your creativity free and add stickers, pictures, glitter, and make it really super personalized.

A blank card can also be good for a number of different occasions, from birthdays to congratulations etc. They come in packages of eight complete with envelopes.

And in case you’d like to add chocolate or socks to your greeting cards, visit my Tortful shop!

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