Not on Monday – start the week with a sense of humor.

Even though I am self-employed, and work from home, Mondays can still be hard. I think it comes from all those years I’ve spent working as an employee, when I dreaded Mondays.

I worked very very often on Sundays too, so Monday didn’t stand for the end of the weekend but for the beginning of another boring week. Every day, every week was just like the ones before and it was unbearable to me.

One of the worst things at one of my jobs was that we had to wear a black uniform. I don’t mind wearing black, but there was something in starting the week dressed as a widow that made my mood go suicidal. At another job, we had a blue uniform with bright yellow lettering and it was much, much better.

It is scientifically proven that color can affect your mood, and I have experienced it on my own skin. This is why I decided to make a new illustration dedicated to Mondays and have it printed on light-colored items. Let’s begin our weeks with some sense of humor, trying to cheer ourselves up, ok?

Not on Monday Mug

The illustration says ‘not on Monday’ and has three pink cats sleeping. It’s what we would all do on Monday mornings, especially when it’s cold or rainy and getting up to go to work feels super hard. But try to get up anyway, then have your coffee in a pink mug with pink cats. It might help. Both the coffee, the color, the cats and the fact that it all kind of mock Mondays, I mean.

After you have showered wear the ‘not on Monday’ tee. This comes in other colors too, but pink is the best one for your mood, believe me.

Not on Monday Unisex Hoodie

If it’s cold and you need an extra layer, or if you plan to stay out late, wear or bring with you a hoodie or a sweatshirt.

I hope this will help you to start the week with a smile and some energy. I know it can be really hard, especially if you have to go to a job you don’t like. But setting the right tone and getting ourselves in the right mood is key to improve and change any situation. Nothing good happens to grumpy people, believe me! At least, nothing that it’s going to last.

Wear cheerful colors, try to smile, and remember everything can change.

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