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This mug comes with all the cats. Relax, the cats are on the print, no real cat will be in the package. It’s the second version of my infamous ‘cats cats cats’ illustration. This time the cats are not all lined up as in a cat show, but all together, close to one another. Not only there are all the cat breeds of the world, but they are different in age and size too. This to say, there are really ‘all the cats’ mug!

Your coffee breaks at the office will be more fun in the company of these pretty cats. Also, speaking of office life, cute mugs aren’t only for coffee or tea. If you feel the need to add pretty colorful cats to your desk, you can use this mug as a pencil holder too!

This is why a mug can be a great gift. We all use them every day. We all have our favorite. Every cat lover will totally adore this mug. If you want to complete the gift with a matching pillow, take a look at this one with the same print! I think there are few things more relaxing than drinking something hot in your favorite mug while laying on a soft pillow.

The pile of cats on this mug can be washed in the dishwasher. It will stay as new for as long as ten years, even with daily use.

We love cats but we help whales, too:

This mug is made by Orca Coatings and it is perfect not only for cat lovers but for animal lovers in general. For every mug sold Orca coatings make a donation to Save the Whales!

• Ceramic
+Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

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