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The Animals are my friends Mug has a colorful print with an illustration perfect for vegans or vegetarians.

If ‘animals are my friends’ is your motto, this is the right mug for you. It’s perfect for all your coffee breaks during the day. A mug with a veg message is a great gift for a vegan or vegetarian friend! You can never have too many coffee mugs in a home, especially if they come with a cute vegan message! If you are searching for a veg gift idea, you won’t go wrong with this mug. Perfect to drink your favorite beverage or to kick off your mornings with the first coffee. You can also put it on your desk for your pens and pencils or for every other knick-knack that you constantly use but never know where to keep. A mug can also be a pretty object you can choose to collect and display in a cupboard…use your imagination!

The ‘animals are my friends ‘ mug features a print with a cute cat, a sweet cow, and a rosy pig. 

The message on this mug is clear on why you chose to go veg but the illustration is sweet and whimsical. It doesn’t come across as aggressive as many veg illustrations do, and it will surely spark some conversation. If your kids eat plant-based this mug is appropriate for them as well. They will love it because the animals look so sweet. So it can be also a great mug for children especially if they are into cats and animals and old enough to handle a mug.

Being microwave safe it’s a great mug to bring to the office. Just put it in the microwave and your coffee or tea will be ready in seconds.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

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