Printable Halloween Cat Decoration



A printable Halloween decoration with a cat chewing candy and a cabbage.

You’ll get two formats, A4 and A5, and after the purchase, you’ll receive an email with the links to the downloads.

Happy printing!


This printable Halloween cat decoration will help you get your house ready for trick or treat night – even at the last minute! Once you purchase it, you just have to print it and let your fantasy roam wild.

It comes in two sizes: an A4 format, for standard printing paper, and an A5 format, which is half of an A4.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your Halloween Cat:

  • Print the A5 cut out the figure roughly then glue it to thin cardboard, like the one from a cereal box (yes, use something you have at home). Then cut the figure more precisely and hang it wherever you want. Or you can also use it to decorate your Halloween packages!
  • If you are having a Halloween dinner party, do all the above but add a stick to the back. It will be super fun to decor sandwiches, for olives, or for pickles. Add names and you’ll have fun placeholders.
  • Print both formats and hang them onto a string alternating the sizes. You’ll have a cute festoon.
  • Make cute cards for your presents.

This printable cat decoration can be a great Halloween project to make with your kids.

If you – like me – are not a big fan of the scary Halloween decorations but are more into sweet stuff, this printable is for you. This sweet cat chewing candy is the less scary thing you’ll see during this spooky season. But it’s still very much in theme, with his wizard hat and the cabbage! You can have a lot of fun even without scary skeletons, black cats, and such. A sweet kitty will do just the same… if not even better!


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