• T-shirts

    T-shirts (12)

    Can you have enough t-shirts? I guess not. And especially t-shirts with cat prints, those are never enough for sure! As cat lovers, we want to make sure our love for kitties shows wherever we go, and a t-shirt with cats is the best way. T-shirts can be worn every day to go everywhere and they have no seasonal limits.…
  • Halloween

    Halloween (13)

    All you need to make your Halloween even more fun and full of cats! T-shirts, home decor, and accessories all with fun Halloween cat prints. Great for you, your home, or as gifts to friends.
  • Mugs

    Mugs (18)

    Mugs with fun and colorful cat prints. Just all you need for a PURRFECT coffee break.
  • Office and tech

    Office and tech (15)

    Your office needs cats and tech things with cats on. No problem, we've got this. In this section, you'll find everything for your office and tech needs:  mousepads, desk pads, or laptop sleeves, you can still work or study and have your dose of cats with you with these cute accessories.
  • Pouches

    Pouches (5)

    You know when you search frantically in your bag for your car keys, or for your lip balm, but you cannot seem to find anything because your bag is gigantic and full of stuff that you randomly threw in it? Well, this is one of those things that could be easily solved with one of these pouches. These pouches have…
  • Water Bottles

    Water Bottles (5)

    Plastic is such a problem for the planet, but here we have a small solution! These water bottles with cats are a great ally to the planet. They are made of stainless steel and they will help you get rid of those little plastic bottles that we use when traveling. You can easily carry them in your purse, your gym…
  • Weekender Bags

    Weekender Bags (3)

    These weekender bags are ready to come with you wherever you are going on your days off. A short two-day trip? These bags are the perfect size to carry a quick change, your make up bag, the book you are reading, and your photograph machine. A day at the beach or at the pool? Towel, sunscreen, your bathing suit, and…