Starting from zero- one more time

I’ve spent part of 2022 and the whole of 2024 working as a seamstress/social media manager/webmaster for a non-profit.

I forgot about my website, my small business, and my dreams ONCE AGAIN.

From this experience I’ve learned one thing: I’m damn good at sabotaging myself.

I wasted an entire year and more, I gave up everything to do almost the same things I could have done for my business. The official excuse I gave myself was the need for stability and continuity, pretending not to know these things don’t exist. Especially in business.

I told myself lies and neglected every aspect of my life in exchange for a lousy contract and very – very – little money.

I haven’t almost drawn at all for an entire year, I completely abandoned my adored garden, I haven’t looked after my cats as they needed, and my cottage is a wreck. I’ve spent all my attention and energies on making someone else’s business grow, instead of focusing on mine.

But as I said, stability and continuity aren’t real, and the company decided to close the branch where I worked. I should have known better!!

Lesson learned. For good, hopefully, this time.

Wanna know something funny? The last job I had before leaving my hometown and moving here, was in a small town called Parona. I left that job because, after a promising start, it had become a waste of time. I found another job as an interior designer and moved away to change my life and make my dreams of working as a creative come true. It worked for a while, but then my self-sabotaging attitude came all back and I had to start from zero again.

This last job was in a small town named… guess what? Exactly. History repeats itself until you don’t learn the lesson.

So here I am starting from zero one more time because I’m a slow learner, apparently.

Here’s to new horizons!

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