T-shirts with cat quotes. Music and cats make everything better.

cats and music cat quotes t-shirts
no, this isn’t me.

One of my favorite things is t-shirts with funny quotes, especially cat quotes.

There has been a time in my life when people used to make a lot of fun of my love for cats. It used to irritate me A LOT, and it also made me feel insecure. Was my love for cats really ridiculous?

I was a teen, and I used to spend entire afternoons at the public library. That is how I discovered there are prominent names among cat lovers. They have proven their love for cats by dedicating essays, poems, and quotes to them. There are literally hundreds of cat quotes written by scientists, philosophers, and writers. I thought if they could love cats so much, so could I! And I began writing their cat quotes EVERYWHERE to prove I was in good company.

One of my favorite quote about cats has always been this one by Albert Schweitzer :

There are only two means of refuges from the miseries of life: music and cats.”

I’m a big, BIG, music lover. I wake up and fall asleep to music. I listen to it as I draw, and I’m listening to music as I’m writing this. It has a tremendous impact on my mood and my energy. And so have cats! Whenever I’m having a tough moment, I put up some cheerful tunes and cuddle or play with my cats. I instantly feel better. I know for sure this quote says the truth.

There were already a few t-shirts and other items with cat quotes, but my favorite quote was still missing. Not anymore!

A few years ago I made a watercolor painting, but I lost it. All I have is a digital version saved on my HD, and it’s in poor resolution. So I painted over it with Photoshop, and I can really say not all bad come to harm, as I like this version much more!

The primary inspiration for this illustration comes, of course, from my cats at Cat Cottage. When it’s about food time they gather in front of the door and start ‘singing’. They actually meow angrily, but they make me laugh as they look and sound like a choir of terrible singers!

This illustration was perfect for the quote about music and cats. I just had to add it to the design and make new t-shirts and new items.

I think I’m developing a new passion: totes with cat quotes. Because I might be biased, but I think this one looks particularly cute.

What about you? Do you have any cat quote you love? If you have one, write it down in the comments, I might use it in the future!

And remember: if you are going through a tough moment, play some music and hug your cat. It works.

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