This store was born out of my love for animals and my passion for drawing. Cat Cottage is my home, and it’s where I help as many kitties as possible: the resident furries are currently 18, but many more have come by to be cured and re-homed in forever families. I don’t run an organization, I just do it for love, and I do it by myself. Part of the profits from this store will always go to help animals.

I will never do black Fridays, cyber Mondays, or mega sales, if not to really get rid of stuff and make space.

My policy is to keep prices affordable ALL YEAR ROUND and to offer little discounts and promotions to my community, aka the meowsletter subscribers. If you choose to hear from me, you need to get a little reward.

This is because I don’t believe in consumerism. Nobody should. Consumerism is killing our planet. Is killing US. I believe in buying less and better. I believe in buying things that make us smile.

I try to get the best quality materials, made as sustainably as possible and by people who are employed and not enslaved. Sometimes this gets me to products sourced in Europe or the USA, sometimes in China, but whatever the place they’re coming from, they’re always up to ethical standards.

Everything gets printed once ordered. There are no stocks in warehouses, therefore no waste of materials.

Your order may take a little longer than others, and believe me, it’s fine. You don’t need to get that mug or that t-shirt in 48 hours. I’m sure you’re not going around naked, and I bet you have something else to drink your coffee with. That 48 hours delivery would cost you uselessly, and if it didn’t, the cost would fall upon the ones who deliver. And we don’t want that to happen just to get a gift as fast as a lightning bolt, do we? We want everyone to be happy and paid fairly.

It will take 7/14 days to receive your package depending on your location (and, right now, depending on Covid restrictions).

In the meantime, you can send me an email, or play with Bongo Cat, you choose.