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Illustrations and gifts for Cat Lovers

Welcome to
Cat Cottage Design!

If you love cats you are in the right place. Here you’ll find original illustrations and great gifts for all cat lovers! 

I’m Bobbi Arbore, I’m an illustrator and an animal rescuer. Cat Cottage really exists and it’s full of rescued cats! Part of the profits from this store will go to help stray cats get spayed and find families. 

But not only! If you purchase this mug you’ll help a cat sanctuary in Venezuela. 

With the ever-growing number of cats at Cat Cottage, my motto has become:

‘there is no such thing as too many cats!’

And it’s now the store’s motto as well.

Power to cat people!

Cute Cats & Cute gifts : a purrfect combo

It's beginnig to look a lot like Christmas!

You shop, you help!

All profits from this mug will go to feed cats in Venezuela

Get the best-selling tee!

because… there is no suxh thing as too many cats!

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It doesn’t come often but always with discount codes!