Cat Cottage Design

There is no such thing as too many cats!

Welcome to Cat Cottage Design!

Welcome to a place where joy and color collide in a playful celebration of our feline friends.

Cats are more than just pets; they’re our confidants, our sources of endless joy, and our soft companions on this wild adventure we call life.

I’m the illustrator behind these creations, and also an animal rescuer: I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible healing power of these marvelous creatures. My belief is that there’s no such thing as too many cats! That’s what inspired me to create this store.

So, come on in, embrace the playfulness, and let the world of Cat Cottage Design fill your heart with the vibrant spirit of our beloved kitties.

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Hello from Bobbi
(and Tommaso)

Hello there, and welcome to my corner of the web. Since you are here I think we share a passion for animals. 

A little bit about me

All drawings are originals by me, Bobbi Arbore

I always paint with one of my cats on the desk

Every purchase helps me to help more cats

Watch me paint.

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