Illustrations and gifts for cat lovers

Illustrations and gifts for cat lovers

With bright colors and funny cats
in every moment of your day
happiness is guaranteed!

A home for cats and cat lovers

Welcome to this little corner full of cats and colors! My name is Bobbi and I am the artist behind these illustrations. I am also a hardcore animal lover and cat rescuer. I live at Cat Cottage, a small country home with a large garden, where I draw and save cats. Cat Cottage is currently home to 22 kitties!

I have experienced firsthand the magical healing power of cats. Their purrs and crazy playfulness can make miracles to our mood. Being an artist, I know how color can work on our spirit as well, and this is how I was inspired to open this shop. I wanted to offer a store for cat lovers, a place where you can release your inner child, and have fun with bold colors while filling your dreams of having all the cats you want.

My motto is: there is no such thing as too many cats!

Here you’ll find illustrations and gifts for cat lovers of all ages, made especially to add some cattitude to your days, to everything you do, and everywhere you go. 

I draw cats to save cats: every item purchased helps me to help more cats, spay and neuter them, and possibly find them new forever homes. 

So release the child within you, enjoy the colorful playfulness of these illustrations, and surround yourself with these fun cats.

On behalf of the 22 furry residents of Cat Cottage, thank you and

Welcome to Cat Cottage Design!

Unique illustrations and gifts for cat lovers

If you are searching for something unique, look no further!

All drawings are originals by me, Bobbi

I'm the artist behind every illustration, you won't find them anywhere else.

I always paint with one of my cats on the desk

They are my helpers, my main inspiration and company.

I draw cats to save cats

Every purchase helps me to save more, spay, neuter, and find them new forever homes.

New Products

Illustrations and gifts for cat lovers

Meet the team

Bobbi the Illustrator

she’s a longtime animal rescuer, and an animal rights advocate. She began drawing before she could walk and has shared her entire life with various pets.

Tommaso the CEO:

better known as Tommy, he specializes in finding good quality salmon kibbles with a solid preference for the most expensive ones. Is a master at snoozing under the covers and often writes content by randomly walking on the keyboard.

Watch me paint.

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